COVID-19 outbreak: Our constant monitoring of the coronavirus situation (Live Covid19 Data), both in Italy and globally, suggested postponing the live event to a better time. 
However, we would also like to keep the Community updated and give the possibility to present new and exciting work and to exchange ideas.
Therefore we will soon start a series of webinars that will accompany us through this critical period.

Connecting theorists and experimentalists

The Protein Electrostatics conference is a recurring meeting bringing together theorists and experimentalists to discuss progresses, problems and issues in the field of electrostatics of bimolecular systems. It fosters generating new ideas and forging new collaborations. Past meeting have been held in Belgrade (2018), Berlin (2016) and Lisbon (2014). Genoa should have hosted the 2020 event, but the COVID outbreak hindered its regular occurrence. We are now organising a series of webinars to keep on being updated on this exciting field also in this difficult period.

Great Speakers

Talks given by world-class experts on the topic. Plenty of slots reserved to young and upcoming researchers.


Cutting-Edge Research

Get up-to-date with the most recent research being developed all over the world.



You will have the chance to meet lead researchers, postdocs and PhD students who are active in this field.


Have Fun

This meeting is known for its friendly and relaxed environment. Join us for a late poster session with beer.


PE2020 Promoters of the Event

António Baptista

Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Marilyn Gunner

The City College of New York

Bertrand García-Moreno

Johns Hopkins University

Matthias Ullmann

University of Bayreuth

Thomas Simonson

École Polytechnique

Guo-Wei Wei

Michigan State University

Ernst-Walter Knapp

Free University of Berlin

Huan-Xiang Zhou

University of Illinois at Chicago

Ray Luo

University of California Irvine

Rudi Podgornik

University of Ljubljana

Miguel Machuqueiro

University of Lisbon

Ran Friedman

Linnaeus University

Lauren Webb

University of Texas at Austin

Robert Krasny

University of Michigan

Frans Mulder

Aarhus University

Update your domain knowledge with the latest developments in the field

Electrostatics affects almost every structural and functional aspect of proteins, including stability, solubility, dynamics, interactions, and catalysis. It is especially important for key processes involving movement of charges, including proton and electron transfer reactions and transport of ions.

Coming Soon

On June 25 and 26 there will be the Satellite meeting, supported by CECAM, entitled: "Advances in Electrostatic calculations: the road towards the Exascale"

The event will be co-organized by the Italian Institute of Technology and the CECAM-DE- JUELICH node and will focus on the HPC implementation of electrostatic calculations in the continuum and in the particle-based descriptions.

The event will be a great opportunity to mix people from the modelistic side with those from the computational development side. This will be facilitated by the co-occurrence of the Protein Electrostatics workshop.

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We suggest you to come by shuttle from the city center. The shuttle service is completely free of charge for people registered in the conference and leaves from Piazza della Vittoria.