Protein Electrostatics – satellite meeting of EBEC 2014

8-11 July, Lisbon, Portugal


Electrostatics is a major determinant in the action of proteins, being involved in key processes from catalysis and folding to electron transfer and proton transport. Despite the progress over the last decades, a multitude of experimental, theoretical and computational studies continues to be pursued to further understand how such electrostatic effects are modulated at the molecular level through an interplay of desolvation, polarization, structural relaxation, charge-charge and charge-conformation couplings, water penetration, etc.

This Protein Electrostatics meeting, a satellite of the European Bioenergetics Conference (EBEC) 2014, is precisely aimed at those working on elucidating the molecular-level mechanisms behind electrostatic effects in proteins and other biomolecules. The goal is to gather experimentalists, theoreticians and simulators into a single focused event, in order to create synergies and make clearer what experimental physical data do we have or need, how well we are doing in terms of computational/theoretical predictions, how can we help each other, and whether we are overlooking any crucial aspects. The spirit is largely borrowed from the Telluride workshop on Protein Electrostatics, regularly organized by Bertrand García-Moreno and Marilyn Gunner.

The meeting is primarily aimed at PIs, but highly motivated students and post-docs working in this field are encouraged to apply.


António M. Baptista - ITQB/UNL, Portugal
Miguel Machuqueiro - FCUL, Portugal
G. Matthias Ullmann - Universität Bayreuth, Germany
Thomas Simonson - École Polytechnique, France

Local Organizing Committee

Ana Mourato - FCUL, Portugal
Ana S. F. Oliveira - ITQB/UNL, Portugal
Carla S. A. Baltazar - ITQB/UNL, Portugal
Catarina A. Carvalheda - University of Dundee, UK
Diogo Vila-Viçosa - FCUL, Portugal
Luís C. S. Filipe - ITQB/UNL, Portugal
Pedro R. Magalhães - ITQB/UNL, Portugal
Rafael Nunes - FCUL, Portugal
Sara R. R. Campos - ITQB/UNL, Portugal
Tomás Silva - FCUL, Portugal