Since end of June is peak season in Genoa, we would strongly suggest to secure your accommodation as soon as possible. Please visit the accommodation page for more information.

The webinars will be accessible either via Zoom or via a dedicated youtube channel.
In order to access via Zoom you will need to be registered, you can do this here.

We recently added the possibility to submit an abstract for a flash talk, which somehow replaces the traditional poster presentation.
If you already registered only as an Attendee, you can always register again and submit an abstract, for a regular or a flash talk.

The webinars will be followed by Q&A and by a discussion.
Those who are watching the event streamed on youtube will be able to ask written questions on the youtube chat, once authenticated with their youtube account.
In order to make oral questions, or to participate to the discussion, you will need to be logged on Zoom, and therefore to be registered.

For those who won’t be able to attend the Webinars, most of them will be recorded and put on the Protein Electrostatics Youtube channel.
In case of technical problems that would require changing the the youtube link for the webinars, you will be able to find the updated link on this website.